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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and mental health in the South West

New Exciting and Competitive rates of pay for Support Workers

This month the Government announced an increase in the National Minimum Wage (NMW) to £10.42 per hour. This 9.7% increase in the NMW does not impact You First because, with our standard rate of £10.75, we are already paying significantly above this.

However, as you all know, You First is a not-for-profit organisation, and we are a Social Enterprise. This means we exist to benefit neurodivergent people, people with a learning disability and people with a mental health condition.

The people we support are our beneficiaries, this means they should be directly benefitting from our profit reinvestment.

One thing I have always been clear on is the intrinsic link between team members feeling valued and supported and people supported receiving quality support.

This is a real and vital link and one that I have always been acutely aware of, and I believe renumeration forms part (but not all) of this. What people receive in their pay is critical, most especially during a cost-of-living crisis, but it's not everything.

Training, rosters in advance, good work/life balance, recognition, effective and developmental one-to-ones, effective communication, and regular micro-team meetings, among other things, play their part in effective recognition and reward as well.

Now Somerset County Council have announced their response to the Government's rising of the NMW, and national and local budgets have been set, You First are in a position where we can announce new hourly rates for Support Workers.

The support each and every one of you delivers is critical. I am proud of the status You First has locally and that is due to the exceptional support you provide, and I am keen to ensure that each of you are rewarded fairly and reasonably for this.

Our hourly rates for Support Workers, therefore, are as follows:


Standard (this is the typical support we provide)

The Support Worker day rate will rise from £10.75 to £12.15 per hour.
The weekend rate will rise from £11.00 to £12.40 an hour.
The Waking Night rate rises from £99.00 to £109.35 per night.
The sleep-in allowance will rise from £60.00 to £63.00 per night.


Complex Care :

The Support Worker day rate will rise from £12.00 to £12.75 per hour.
As the weekend rate is £12.40, weekends will be paid at £12.75.
The Waking Night rate will rise from £99.00 to £109.35 per night
The sleep-in allowance will rise from £60.00 - £63.00


Positive Behavioural Support:

The Support Worker day rate will be £13.00 an hour
As the weekend rate is £12.40, weekends will be paid at £13.00 per hour
The Waking Night rate will be £117.00 per night
Sleep-ins will be paid with an allowance of £65.00

The mileage rate will increase from 0.30 – 0.35p for all mileage, including commuting miles, for all Support Workers.

This is a substantial rise, significantly above the NMW. This is a mark of my commitment to all team members and it enshrines the value that I feel should be placed upon support work.

I hope this is something that you welcome and that makes you proud to not only work in social care, but with You First.

You will understand that such a substantial rise pushes our margins to the limits. My focus, going forward, therefore, will be on growth.

Not growth for growths sake, our growth will always be mindful, but You First needs to grow into the structure it has and the way in which it wishes to reward the people who choose to work with us.

This rise is a thank you from everyone at You First, and here’s to the future!  

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