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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and mental health in the South West

Our Supported Living Services

Our Supported Living Services

We want you to be in charge.

You may only want our help on one day with one thing, or you may need to have someone with you all the time. We can provide whatever it is you want and need.

We will help you in the way you like to be helped. We will help you at the time you want to be helped.

We can train our staff to support you with any particular requirements you may have.

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For example, we can help you With:

We want you to tell us what is important to you and how you want us to help you do those things.

We call this our Social Mission, and you can read about that here:

An adult with learning disabilities taking a test Our promises to you - we promise to...
As a service provider we have Our Commitments that inform how we do things:

People need different types of support.

The support we provide is personalised and individualised. This means that no two packages of support will ever be the same just as two people are never the same.

Each package of support we provide will be designed your unique and individual needs and we will enable, facilitate and support you to exercise choice and control over how the design of your Support Plan and the delivery of your care and support.

Social Enterprise is about equality. It’s about ensuring that vulnerable people have the same rights and opportunities as the rest of society.

Social Enterprise creates and supports equal life chances – and more than that, it supports people to begin to believe in themselves and to begin to change things for themselves. In this sense Social Enterprise is about empowerment.

You First Support Services talks a lot about empowering adults with learning disabilities, but what do we actually mean by this?

Empowerment means to give authority, to enable, to invest with power. When You First Support Services uses this term we are talking about a shift in power in that we want to see real personal power return to the place it belongs – to people with learning disabilities themselves.

This is about self determination and self organisation.

As a Social Enterprise we want to see not only lives being changed but communities being changed and this comes about through the learning disability community recognising and believing that it actually has power and authority; this is the process of empowerment.

And it is a process, not an event. We work to support people with learning disabilities to grow in confidence, to begin to believe in themselves and then as individuals and as a community to exercise that power that truly belongs to them.

It is this self belief and inner confidence that will begin to see true and lasting change. 

We have a firm commitment to Equality and Diversity and you can read about that here: