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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and mental health in the South West

We Provide Support for Adults With Learning Disabilities and/or autism

We Provide Support for Adults With Learning Disabilities and/or autism


Thank you for visiting our website. Please take your time to look at the pages here and please ask if you need any help.

who are you first support services?

We are a company called You First Support Services. We have given ourselves this name because we want to show you that you are the most important person to us.

Our job is to help you live your life in the way you want to live it. We will help you do the things you want to do, in the way and at the time you want to do them.

We have put some links in this site that your family, friends, Social Worker, Advocate or Housing Officer may wish to read.

You can read about our Mission and Vision Statements here:

You Can Help Manage You First Support Services.

We Want You To Help Manage You First Support Services.

By listening to the things you tell us about our service, we will change the way we do things to make them better. We will then ask you if you think things have got better.

You First Support Services have a group that you can join where you can talk about the things we do and the way we do them with your friends. We are happy to hear about the things that go wrong or those things that you do not like.

You can then tell us about the changes you want. You can choose to have someone you know come to meetings with you. You can send someone to our meetings and they can tell us the things that you would like done differently.

Alternatively, you may want to apply for a job and work with us, for example answering the phone or talking to people about our services and how we have helped you.

Perhaps you want to volunteer with us, or train with us to learn new skills and grow in confidence. You can help check the things we do to make sure we do them well and properly and let us know the results.

Adult with learning disabilities hanging out washingWhat Makes You First Support Services Different?
You can read more about Social Enterprises here:
You can find out more about what makes You First Support Services special here:

We Are Committed To:

Who Manages You First Support Services?

Andy Robinson, Leader of You First Support Services, Normal A Social Enterprise providing domiciliary & supported living support for adults with learning disabilities in the South West

You First Support Services is led by Andy Robinson.

Andy has over 20 years experience of helping people with support needs. He has spent 14 years as a senior manager.

Andy has passed exams in:

  • managing excellent care and support services
  • managing an organisation
  • training and counselling. 

Andy has also provided support and worked with lots of different people, each having their own needs.

Andy is a good people manager and has led large successful teams of people in delivering quality care and support but most importantly, working with people to make them happy.

How Much Will I Have To Pay For My Support Services?

This will depend upon the amount of support you need and what your income is. We will sit with you and talk to you about the support you need and how much this will cost to provide.

We will tell you about all our charges and about your different options. You can invite other people to this meeting to listen to what we have to say. Your family, friends, advocate or Social Worker might want to be there.

Our charges are very reasonable and the services we provide are value for money.

You can pay using Direct Payments, through an Individual Service Fund or through a Council Managed Budget. We will write down all the support you need; how much this will cost and put this in your support plan.

How Do I Find Out More?

Just ask and we will help you find out more information.

Fill in the form on this website or ask someone to do this for you here:
Telephone Us:
Email Us:

You can fill in the form on this website, or ask someone to do this for you, and post it to us. You can ring us up on the telephone. You can email us.

Your family, friends, advocate, Housing Officer, Social Worker, or anyone you know can contact us for you. When we receive this form or a request we will contact you in the way you ask us too.

We will arrange to meet you. We will then talk with you about the things you would like us to help you with.

After we talk, you can say that you want more information or time to think. It is also alright for you to say that you do not want our services.

Join Our Team

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated, professional and caring people to join our Support Worker team