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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism and mental health in the South West

Welcome Stephen French, You First's New Business and Development Director

Welcome Stephen French, You First's new Business and Development Director. Stephen says:

Seeking a career change, as the roles I held previously were not meeting my morals and values and I knew something was missing in my professional life, I applied for a role as a support worker for the National Autistic Society for a contract of 22 hours in 2012. This was the biggest available support hours contract they had available, how times have changed!

For me, the role as support worker came naturally, the more challenging the situation, the more satisfaction I felt. Since then, I have held roles as Senior Support Worker, Deputy Manager, Business Engagement Manager and Registered Manager. I have been involved in services that operate in Residential, Outreach, Day Services and Supported Living provisions, providing support for people across the autistic spectrum.

My greatest professional achievement was being involved in a project that transitioned people from being placed in long term residential care settings, to living in their own homes with their own tenancy agreements, engaging with their local community and providing a platform to build a life of choice, dignity and freedom.

We work in a sector that faces challenges on every frontier, but I believe that if you have a shared purpose and peoples values are aligned, then great things can happen. I am passionate about improving service delivery through the development of people and healthy working culture. You First Support Services puts the people supported at the centre of decision making and has the values and ethos of an organisation I want to achieve great things with.

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