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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West

Supporting Emotional Health in a Time of Crisis

One of the key skills for anyone working in social care is emotional intelligence. It's so important that each of us are aware of what's happening within our own inner world in order to be able to reach out and support another. We all need to maintain good emotional health, and this can be a challenge at the best of times. 

The current COVID-19 crisis brings another element to this in that it increases the probability of us being tripped into fight, flight or freeze mode, in other words, the survival part of our brain. When this happens we lose connection to empathy, reasoning, compassion and kindness and find ourselves reacting as opposed to responding. It can be called a trance of fear.

Its very easy, at a time where our experience of normal life is ever changing, and with 24 hour news filling our thoughts, to slip into this trance of fear. There's no judgement about this, it happens to us all.

In order to help with this, Andy (You First CEO) is offering a daily Mindfulness Practice via Zoom, a neat piece of conferencing software. We had 5 people join in today, many thanks to those people, and together we sent kindness and compassion to ourselves, our loved ones and all beings.

This is a virtual practice Andy has started offering at this time of crisis to support us all to connect with our bodies, our environment, and each other at a time when we all need love and kindness.

Zoom software is free and safe to use and the session starts at 12.30 each day for 40 minutes. People are free to come and go as they wish or are able. It's absolutely fluid. The link to join the session will be emailed to everyone on the mailing list around 5 minutes prior to the session. Simply click on the link, follow the guidance to allow video and audio and click to enter the "room".

If you wish to be involved you need to be added to the mailing list. Email Andy Robinson and he will add you. You do not need to attend each day, or even the full session, just "zoom in" when you are free and able!

It's all absolutely free and you are not tied into anything.

Andy's hope is that will support people to manage emotions and reactions in what is a trying time for everyone.

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