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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West

Social Distancing - Easy Read

Sadly, yesterday we had to deal with a very distressed customer, who has a few hours of support a day. He had been used to going into his local Boots to update them on how he was. He arrived yesterday to find markings on the floor (social distancing measure now adopted in pharmacies) which he didn't understand as they weren't anywhere else. He tried to walk up to talk to the staff to say hello, as he has done for best part of 20 years, and was verbally abused by two members of the public for pushing in/not getting it. He returned home frightened and is now afraid to go out.

You First offers this Easy Read explanation of Social Distancing, please feel free to make use of it.  



There is a new virus spreading.

It's name is COVID-19 but people are calling it Coronavirus.

Some people have died but most people recover ok.





This virus spreads from one person to another

We may catch it by being near people when they cough







Doctors tell us to stay away from other people

We must stay away from crowds





The best thing to do is to stay at home

This may be for a long time







You can watch TV







Listen to music







Do a puzzle








Play some games






Talk with friends







Do some cleaning







Shop on-line







Sometimes we have to go out

Keep a space between you

Do not hug people, or shake their hands





Some shops have times when it is quiet to shop

Talk to your Support Worker about this







We can bring food to you

Talk to your Support Worker about this






We can get your tablets for you

Talk to your Social Worker about this





Please don't worry

Keep calm

Talk to us about anything

We will help you






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