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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West

COVID-19 Easy Read



There is a new virus spreading.

It's name is COVID-19 but people are calling it Coronavirus.

Some people have died but most people recover ok.




It is spreading across the world.









It makes people cough and have problems breathing.






Don't spread it 

If you cough use a tissue








When you have finished put the tissue in the bin.





Do not touch your hands or your face.










Stay away from crowds






You may not be able to go to the pub or cafe as they may be closed 







Stay away from sick people





Talk to your Support Worker about how to get food, your tablets and how to plan your support.










Tell people not come into your house, flat or room.





Keep your toilet, bathroom and towels clean. 









If you are worried, talk to your Support Worker or call 111.






Do not worry if you see people in masks, they are using them to stop you and them getting ill









Finally, remember to wash your hands lots of times each day 










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