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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West

Dream, believe, achieve

Embracing individual ambition is key to how You First supports and works with people. Our focus is about enabling people to achieve their life goals and celebrating the success of each milestone traversed with the person. Getting more out of life is about enjoying personal success and this is achieved by gaining the skills and confidence to jump the barriers that previously hindered this success. 

We work with people in a way that enables them to dream, believe and achieve

You First was recently approached by someone who was a patient at a local mental health hospital. This chap had been in hospital for some time but he wanted to re-join his local community and start living again. He wanted his life back. He had the dream; the hope, the ambition and looked to You First to support him with this. 



Using our unique individual service design approach to support called Design4Life! You First staff spent time with this chap learning what was important to him, what a good life meant for him together with his life story and how he wanted to build and grow his life. Through crucial process he developed confidence in You First and started to believe that he was going to have the confidence to achieve what he dared dream for. He was starting to believe. 

Central to this process of believing was the development of trust-relationships with his micro-team; a team that he himself had chosen. A team that was dedicated to seeing him achieve his goals; a team that shared and embraced his personal ambition.

This bespoke and person-centred support has enable this man to enjoy the goals that he had dared dream of. 

This man how lives in his own home in the community and his micro-team are supporting him to build community connections. He is building and growing his life - he is achieving. 

This is what can happen when support is truly person-centred, bespoke and individualised with the power resting where it should - with the person who is requesting support. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to dream, believe and achieve

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