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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West

Meet Margaret

All of us at the You First offices would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to a member of our team who probably few of you have met so far. If you are in the offices at Langport on a Friday afternoon, there is a high chance that you will bump into a lady who is busy working away with pink dishcloths, bowls of water, the hoover and a furrowed brow! This lady is "Margaret" and she works as our voluntary cleaner.

Before Margaret came on board, we were sneezing on dust and having to wipe our feet as we left the offices, not as we came in! However, Margaret has transformed us and we now sit at shiny desks and on hoovered chairs! You will see us all in a panic at around 12 noon on a Friday as we suddenly realise she will soon be arriving and our desks have not been kept in order! Margaret lives in Yeovil and catches the bus to come to us each week.

We are very grateful to Margaret for giving up her time to keep us in order. As we all know, we only get one opportunity to make a first impression and it is important that You First puts forward a positive impression to potential new staff members, families who are coming in for meetings, commissioners, Social Workers and CQC inspectors, of course. Keeping our working space in good order supports our message that You First is organised, committed and has high standards.

So, thank you, Margaret, for your time and care, it is very much appreciated. You are very much a valued member of the team.

We are also very impressed to see that Margaret's Crocs match her cleaning cloths!

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