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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West


Design4Life! is You First's unique tool used to enable people to design their own support. This strengths based approach enables genuine engagement with the customer and those important to them thus truly enabling people to be the architects of their own support.

Traditional assessment identifies need and focuses upon deficit. Design4Life! focuses upon the individual and what they want to get from life and what they offer society through their unique gifts. Design4Life! empowers, it enables, it facilitates and it brings autonomy.

One of the failings of traditional assessment, most especially in community based support is that because it focuses upon need it leads to support staff becoming task orientated in focus. This can be compounded by time and task commissioning. Design4Life! delivers an outcome based Life Plan that talks about the ambition and goals the individual has for their life and the steps support staff need to take in order to facilitate the realisation of those goals.

For more information on Design4Life!, our innovative approach to community asset rich support and how you can use your Direct Payment to engage our support please call 01458 254040 or email 

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