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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West
Meet the Team: Pete's Journey

Meet the Team: Pete's Journey

21 April 2020

I'm a Support Worker with You First Support Services CIC (remember that 'CIC' - I'll come back to that in a moment).

I didn't have a midlife crisis. I didn't buy a Ferrari. I didn't take up sky-diving, or buy a villa in Spain. Instead, I left the corporate jungle to try to give something back to society - to the community. I stopped programming computers and started supporting all kinds of people to find their own dignity, respect, independence, and a valued place in their own communities.

Remember that 'CIC'? It stands for 'Community Interest Company', and it means there are no profit-driven shareholders or greedy fat-cats to pay... and that's why the people You First supports are given pride of place at the very centre of their support. The person being supported is the boss. What they need comes first. The people we support tell us what they want to achieve, and we help them. We set them free to 'do their thing'!

The team-mates I work with all go above and beyond the call of duty. We all take a personal interest in people and we strive to add something new and wonderful their lives. I can't describe the feeling when I see someone take their first brave steps on a new adventure.







One lady I've had the pleasure to work alongside has been growing and selling vegetables for several years now, and she's also a very active Avon cosmetics sales rep at the same time. I like to think our support with getting out into the community and learning how to run a small business has helped her build not only a business but a lasting sense of self-worth.

That's why I chose to do this instead of driving to sky-diving lessons in a Ferrari.

If you would like to have a chat about becomming a Support Worker, feel free to call 0300 111 9999 or drop us a line, we'll be pleased to hear from you!