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A Social Enterprise providing community based support for adults with learning disabilities and/or autism in the South West
Meet the Team: Chelsie's Journey

Meet the Team: Chelsie's Journey

15 April 2020

Chelsie works as a Support Worker with You First, and this is the story of her journey with the Social Enterprise:

My journey with You First has been an incredible one. I cannot fault this company at all. Before this job I was going to give up on everything. But being a Support Worker has changed my life completely and now I look at things in life in a different light.

I have been with the company for nearly 2 years now and this time has flown by, I absolutely love being a support worker and I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m much happier and I feel like I can be myself with the people we support. Each support is different and sometimes can be difficult, but it is very rewarding because you get to make a difference to the way that someone lives their life. 

I enjoy supporting individuals with disabilities and/or autism because it brings joy to my day, knowing that I’ve managed to help change their lives for the better. Each individual is different and on occasion may challenge, but in the end, knowing that they are living the best life and fulfil their ambition is all I can ever ask for. 

This whole experience changes the way that I look at the world. It definitely makes me feel stronger and believe in myself. The individuals we support help us even though we are helping them, it’s a team effort. 

I support a variety of individuals and I have lots of stories to share. 

A lovely lady that we support M has been amazing in this whole Covid-19 experience. M doesn’t like to be in doors, she loves being out and exploring as well as popping into cafe shops for a cup of tea and a cake. M has been through a very hard life but since being with You First we have been able to get M back to the way she should be living her life by having trips out and simply enjoying her best life. With Covid-19 going on we can’t do what M loves doing by going to cafes and M has adjusted to this really well; we have been enjoying the sunshine from her garden. 

I love my job and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with. 

The managers, Nathalie and Sam, do an amazing job, especially in this difficult time. They are really understanding, and they listen to everyone, especially in this very difficult time. Andy, the CEO goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone has a voice and that they can have their own opinion heard.

Thank you, You First, for supporting me too.

If you are looking for a rewarding career like Chelsie's and believe you have what it takes to help someone live life to the full, drop us a line!

We look forward to hearing from you!